Procrastinate or Create?

Hello and thank you for joining me again. I know we all have ideas and visions of things we would like to accomplish, whether it is to paint, write, sing, or even photography. How do you go about achieving your goals? I will admit to being the biggest procrastinator. I was afraid I wouldn’t be any good, so I didn’t start. Then I realized that my ideas weren’t going to create themselves. I just did it, alone in my house with no disturbances or judging eyes in case it didn’t go well. It was after age 30 that I really decided to try and paint. I am on a budget, as a lot of us are. I went to Walmart and got some cheap acyrlic paints for around $1 each. Some were cheaper.

I also bought a book of mixed media paper for about $7. The brushes I had were given to me.

I kind of suck at drawing anything but buildings, so what was I going to paint? YouTube helped me out a lot. There are so many tutorials on there for anything you need to know. I call it my go to – how to. I figured the best way for me to learn was to follow what other people had done, because when I tried to paint my first picture, it looked like this…

It was supposed to be a beach scene. I had pictured ocean waves under a beautiful sky. Could you have guessed? I haven’t shared this with many people and you can guess why. It’s not very good. I was pretty discouraged after this first painting and almost stopped. I didn’t want to make things that looked like that. That’s why I love YouTube. The tutorials have taught me how to use the many different brushes I have and different painting techniques and styles. Also, after looking through the YouTube tutorials, most of them looked really hard. I started procrastinating again. It took me a minute to try again, but I did. I am so glad I did. I have some finished pieces that I love.

I was not worried about not being able to buy the exact same supplies they were using or the same colors. It is what makes my paintings mine and different from the ones they did. I used whatever colors I had that came close enough. The same with the brushes. I had no idea how much paint brushes could cost before. They can get expensive and I have a cheap set from Walmart. I have done some good work with my cheap set of brushes though. I am happy with the outcome. I even got some canvas boards from Walmart and repainted a few of my favorites.

I am still learning not to procrastinate and also still learning to paint. I dont call myself an artist, I just really like to create things I can be proud of. I find that I really like a lot of the things I was afraid to try before. I challenge you to try something you have been afraid to fail at. You never know what the outcome will be if you just keep trying.


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