My Favorite Budget Painting Supplies

Even though I am a beginner, I love to paint. Being broke a lot, buying the things I need is hard. If you are anything like me, buying a lot of craft supplies can be costly and not in your budget. We should still be able to enjoy painting, even if we can’t buy an easel, a bunch of canvases, expensive paints and brushes, or a studio. We shouldn’t let that discourage us from trying. Who knows whether all of that is in your future, but for now I have a list of things I personally use to make painting cheap and fun.

  • Cardboard box

I cut it down to the size I need for my painting, instead of using an easel, and attach paper or canvas to it. I lay it on the table and can turn it any direction I need which helps me paint. It’s not stationary either so I can put it in my lap and paint on the couch if I wanted to.

  • Masking Tape

This isn’t exactly necessary, but it does help secure your piece while working on it. It also removes easier than other kinds of tape, possibly saving your piece.

  • Foam Plates

I buy these at the Dollar Tree for $1. They make an awesome disposable pallet for painting. Make sure not to get paper plates as they start to soak up your paint and you will find bits of paper in your paint.

  • Mixed Media Paper

I like this paper for many reasons, mostly because it is a multi project paper. I can use any kind of paint I want and it comes in different sizes. I got a medium size book with 60 pages for less than $8. The pages are thick and last year I even made Christmas cards with it. Canvas boards are good to but more expensive.

  • Acyrlic or Watercolor Paint

You can use any paint you want. I have used a few different types of paint and my favorite is acyrlic. It is managable and easily layered. Keep in mind, the cheaper the paint, the more thin it will be and won’t layer as well. You can also this acyrlic paint with a little water to make it more like watercolor paint. I got most of my paints at Walmart for $1 each or less.

  • Daler & Rowney Paint

I did buy a small set of 12 paints that came with a pad of acyrlic painting paper. I found it at Walmart hanging in the craft aisle for less than seven dollars. The paint is thick and easily managable in your painting. It also thins out well. This is my favorite paint at a good price.

  • Paint Brushes

Most of my paint brushes are from Daler & Rowney. I think they have good art supplies for a good price and most can be found at Walmart. My brushes were given to me. I haven’t actually bought a set yet because I am happy with the ones I have. You can buy a good set from Walmart for $2-$5.

There are many reasons to love painting without completely breaking your budget. I like finding good deals and I would love to hear your ideas of cheap hacks for painting. Please share in the comments. I chose Walmart because, well, who doesn’t go to Walmart (or a similar store) at some point?


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