Let’s Get Crafty, Outside

Spring is the perfect time to gather nature’s bounty and start crafting. It’s a wonderful time to be outside, enjoying the sunshine and the warming weather. The bees and butterflies are out to pollinate our plants and the trees have dropped last years seeds, twigs and sticks, and old leaves, all things we can use for outdoor/indoor crafts. Use the clutter and trash you already have around your home such as old chairs, a worn out or broken ladder, or even dresser drawers to make enchanting outdoor decor or create a beautiful and welcoming gathering place for family and friends. I have put together some of my favorite ideas for some inspiration. Take bits and pieces of each one or choose only one project and make your own personalized, unique outdoor space.

  • Create a unique fairy garden

This is my favorite idea because I absolutely love fairy gardens. I love everything to do with fairies. You can use any materials on hand and most of the stuff you need can be found in your own yard, in the park, or even on a nature trail. The possibilities for building your fairy garden are endless and they can be made out of almost anything from a bird bath or wheelbarrow to using up pieces of broken pots to make a more natural and rustic look. If you wish, you can even leave it on the ground for an even more natural look.

You can add to it over time, making it a never ending project, so there’s no need for hurrying to get it done. You can even get the kids involved with this one and feed their imagination with the endless possibilities.

Herbs make great plants to add to your fairy garden to keep them handy when needed, along with succulents. Mossy plants such as Irish Moss and small bushy plants like Coleus are also great to use as foliage and bushes along with smaller vining varieties.

You don’t have to use the fairy theme. I personally love fairies but you can incorporate anything you like. Make it a frog theme and add a small lake easily with a bowl of water buried to the rim. Make a super hero garden with the boys or a ballerina garden for the girls. Use your imagination and personalize it to your liking. Collect some stones or pebbles, (painted like fish tank rocks or natural right off the ground) some fallen twigs or sticks, maybe some vines, unless you plan to use string, and a pinecone or two and show your neighbors who has the best decor in the neighborhood.

  • Unique flower pots

Today, people are growing plants in everything from old shoes to handbags. Use the things you have around the house and declutter a little while your at it. Use old drawers to plant your favorite flowers to brighten up your porch or wherever you enjoy sitting. These can be put literally anywhere and are great for small spaces.

Use an old broken ladder as a trellis or sit your pots on the steps to show off a bright display. Plant flowers in your old boots and shoes and hang them to create a unique vertical garden. These can be hanged anywhere you can fit them and can easily brighten up your outdoor space. They also make good table pieces, so no need to hang them.

Old chairs can make a cool addition to your decor as well. Cut out the seat, paint it if needed, and slide a planter right in to use it as a stand or just plant right on them to create a unique looking flower haven.

Many people even plant in their old handbags or tote bags, which can be hung or sat anywhere. Hang them on the fence to give the neighbors a colorful view, line your pathways with them hanging them from trellises, or place them on the steps for a lovely view. You can also hang them on the porch railings.

  • Movie Time

Create a unique experience for your yard’s main feature. Invite the in- laws, friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy an outdoor movie, complete with popcorn and drinks. Hang a white sheet anywhere or use the side of your house or garage for a screen and grab the projector. Everyone will love coming to your house for movie night. Show off your creative side and personalize your own outdoor movie viewing area. It can be simple, with just a few blankets or cushions to creating your own outdoor movie theatre.

  • DIY Log Train

Almost all of our furniture is made of wood. Let’s cut out the middle man (stores) for this one and cut right into the log. Who doesn’t love logs, right? They are free and can be found almost anywhere there are trees. They can be made into so many different things. Place some around your campfire for natural seating. They give an area a nice, natural, rustic look when made into furniture. You can even paint some thin pieces to make a nice, colorful pathway.

One of my favorite projects I have come across is the log flower train. You can use big logs or small logs and make it as long as you wish. It can be a simple train or you can go all out and make tracks for it and a small train village to match it. That really does sound awesome and I know some boys who would love to see it.

The train itself is pretty simple with the hardest part being hallowing out the center holes for planting. Cut a hole in the side of each log. You can use anything round for the wheels, just make sure they are sturdy and won’t collapse. The best choice, in my opinion, is a smaller log cut into thin pieces. Make sure to drill drain holes in all the logs used for planting. Fill the logs with potting soil and plant your seeds. The train can be put together by nailing a small piece of wood between each log car and attaching it to the next one. If you wish, hot glue and other materials will most likely connect the pieces together, but I think wood looks the best. Personalize your train. Make it yours. Add some paint, maybe some small lights, and a few details to make it really stand out.

  • Vertical Gardens

Herbs and other plants are easy to grow and nice to have on hand to flavor your dishes. Grow different arrays of flowers vertically as well to give any space a flash of color. Whether you are brightening up your space or growing edibles, vertical gardens come in handy, especially when space is limited. Who said you couldn’t plant a garden on your apartment balcony? Save your 2 liter bottles because you can upcycle them into this easy to make, green living vertical garden. Cut the ends off the bottles. Put drain holes (large enough for water to drain) in all the caps. Stack each bottle on top of the other and use a marker draw an opening large enough for the plants to grow through. Cut out the opening in each bottle without cutting the inner bottle. Put holes in the sides of each bottle where they meet so you can string them together. You can use twine, yarn, or whatever you have on hand but make sure the string goes through both bottles. Fill each bottle with soil as you string them together to make that part easier.You can hang these practically anywhere but preferably in a sunny place, depending on what you plant. Plant your seeds in each bottle and label them if you wish. Make sure to put the tallest plants on the bottom and the smallest on the top. This ensures equal sun and moisture for all plants. Have fun with this, but I don’t recommend painting the bottles. The clear plastic creates a kind of greenhouse effect that keeps your plants protected, warm, and moisturized.

  • DIY BackyardFire Pit

The days of hot dogs on sticks and roasting marshmallows to melt the delicious milk chocolate onto grandcrackers to make heavenly tasting s’mores, are here. Grab your shovel because an enjoyable fire pit can be as simple as digging a shallow hole and throwing in some gravel.

The gravel will hold heat and allow your fire to stay hot and continue burning. A lot of people aren’t happy with the simple hole-in-the-ground fire pit. If this is you, don’t worry. You can spend less than a day building your own to fit your needs. A lot of different types of stone or clay bricks will work to hold heat as long as they are completely dry. Do not use wet stone because the moisture in them can heat up causing them to break, leaving holes in your fire pit for heat to escape and possibly spreading your fire further than you wished it to go.

Burning barrels make good fire pits as well. Cut them in half and bury the bottom part halfway or to the rim, depending on your preference. They are all ready to burn. I find the more you burn these, they tend to get holes and fall apart, so be cautious when using this method. No matter what statement you are trying to make with your BBQ pit, there is a way to create it in your own backyard. Don’t forget to enjoy it and to burn responsibly.

The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to personalizing your outdoor space, whether it’s big or small. Take many ideas and put them together or take one and make a day of it, mixing with the decor you currently have. Whatever you like to create, let’s go outside and get crafty. I would love to hear your ideas and things you have created. Please feel free to share them in the comments below.


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