Hooray For National Teacher’s Day

According to the National Center for Education, most teachers are required to work 37-40 hours each week. The average teacher actually works around 52 hours each week after all the homework is graded, the lesson plans are put together, and the sports teams are coached and games have been played. Many of those hours are unpaid.

Our children are our future so a good education is important. Teachers do their best at encouraging our young minds to excel and do their best. Imagine you are in a classroom with 15-30 students and all eyes are on you because it’s your job to guide them. It’s your job to catch their attention and teach them skills they will need to shape the future of our country.

The best teachers pay attention to the needs of each individual. They are flexible and don’t focus on the material being studied and pushing ahead, but focuses on how well the information is being absorbed. They are funny, outgoing, and capture the student’s attention, making learning fun and interesting.

National Teacher’s Day is May 7th (National Teacher’s Week). This is the time to take a minute and thank our teachers for their dedication to encouraging and shaping young minds. You can buy a gift, buy or make a card, or just write a thank you letter. School supplies are a great way to say thank you and are always needed in the classroom.

Please comment below and share your ideas or a story you have with a special teacher.


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